The Dinner will be held on Vido Island on Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 8:00 pm. Boats depart to Vido from the old port of Corfu every 20 minutes all day long or sooner if the boat gets full. There will be a bus service to Kanoni after the Dinner.

Those who have not confirmed their participation in the registration form, can still attend the event by contacting info@corfuxenos.com or the secretary of the conference up to Tuesday, June 7.


The spot that the boats depart to Vido is indicated on the map bellow (K)

The island of Vido  is located opposite the city, at a distance of 1200 meters from the old harbor, covers an area of  538 acres and consists  a small natural paradise, an oasis of unchanged environmental balance. It is the  favourite recreation area of  the City, combining beautiful nature and the sea in such a small distance. The name of Vido comes from one of the owners of the island Guido Malipieri.  The island was given the name and not the surname of the owner, which was later paraphrased from Guido to Vido. Other older names were “Ptychia”, “Iraiou Island”, “Agios Stefanos”, “Island of  Irini (Peace) “.


The dinner will be held at the Greek traditional Restaurant “O Menios” located on Vido island.

meniosvido boat


Dinner menu


  • Fried peppers
  • Taramas (fish roe), tzatziki (strained yogurt with cucumber and garlic)
  • Cheese pies
  • Ntakos (tomato grated with cream cheese on cretan rusk)
  • Traditional Roast Sausage
  • Feta cheese
  • Baked potatoes


  • Salad with cocumber and tomato
  • Salad with lettuce and rocket

Main Dishes

  • Sofrito beef (beef along with  a wine-garlic-parsley sauce) served with rice
  • Pastitsada beef (beef along with a tomato-cinammon sauce) served with rigatoni pasta


  • Greek Ravani (cake with syrup)


  • Red/white wine, refreshments and bottled water

There will be an option for Vegetarian menu

The dinner will be accompanied by live greek songs!