Welcome reception

The Welcome reception (included in the registration fees) will take place on Sunday, 5 June 19:00-22:00 in the Aegli Restaurant. Aegli Restaurant is one of the oldest traditional restaurants of Corfu and is located at the west side of the Liston Square, in the center of Corfu. The elegant colonnaded Liston was build by the French in 1812. The location of Aegli restaurant is indicated in the map at the end of the page.

Guests can participate in the event by registering on site at a cost of 30€ per person.


Reception menu

Cold Appetizers

  • Tuna mousse éclair with black pepper
  • Taramas (fish roe), tzatziki (strained yogurt with cocumber and garlic), tyrokafteri (hot cheese – sauce)
  • Mousse Roquefort
  • Ntakos (tomato grated with cream cheese on cretan rusk)
  • Salami from Corfu
  • Noumpoulo (prosciutto from Corfu)

Hot Appetizers

  • Breaded mussels
  • Meatballs
  • Cheese pies
  • Spinach pies
  • Souvlaki with pork & chicken, grilled


  • Variety of sweets


  • House white wine, Ouzo, refreshments, bottled water.

There will be an option for Vegetarian menu

Conference site (A), Hotels (B-I) and Welcome reception (J) located on the map

Directions to Aegli Restaurant: